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Personal Injury Lawyer By Location (USA & Canada):

Search Term Example Effectiveness
Personal Injury Lawyer (My City & State or Province) Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago IL 4.5/5
Personal Injury Lawyer  (My City) Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago 3.5/5
Personal Injury Lawyer (My State or Province) Personal Injury Lawyer Illinois 4.0/5
(My City & State or Province) Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago IL Personal Injury Lawyer 4.5/5
(My City) Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer 3.5/5
(My State or Province) Personal Injury Lawyer Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer 4.0/5

NOTE: You can also try using the work “Attorney” instead of lawyer as they are ultimately the same name for the same occupation.  We use lawyer because it is the most commonly known term and will generally yield the best results.

Personal Injury Lawyer Search Term Enhancements

Enhancement Example Effectiveness
Search Term in Quotes “Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Illinois” 4.5/5
Search Term in Block Brackets [Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Illinois] 4.5/5
Searching by Title allintitle:Personal Injury Lawyer Chicago Illinois 4.5/5
Multiple Search Results Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer + Car Accident 5/5

Note: You can always mix and match the above, IE: allintitle:personal injury lawyer Chicago + “Car Accident”


Personal Injury Lawyer by Name

Name(s) Example Effectiveness
John Doe & Associates Injury Lawyers John Doe Personal Injury Lawyer 5/5
Doe, Smith & Johnson Lawfirm Doe Smith Johnson Personal Injury Lawyer 4.5/5

Note: Searching by name is usually the most effective search one can do.  If you have been referred by a friend or someone else then searching by name will give you exact results.  However, we would recommend against just taking a referrence as you are generally cutting yourself off from other lawyers who could be just as good and potentially cost a lot less.  Also, usually lawfirms will yield better results in court.

Personal Injury Lawyer by Specialty

Specialty Example Effectiveness
Auto Accident Auto Accident Personal Injury Lawyer 4.0/5
Work Injury Work Injury Lawyer 4.0/5
Catastrophic Accident Catastrophic Injury Lawyer 4.0/5
Dog Bites Dog Bite Lawyer 3.5/5
Involving a Transport Trucking Accident Lawyer 3.5/5
Involving a Motorcycle Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 3.5/5
Medical Related Medical Malpractice Lawyer 4.0/5
Brain Injury Brain Injury Lawyer 3.5/5
Worker’s Compensation Workers Compensation Lawyer 3.5/5
Personal Injury Defense Personal Injury Defense Lawyer 3.5/5

Note: To yield the best results, again, try mix and match, IE: “Work Injury Lawyer” + Illinois + Brain Injury.

Personal Injury Lawyer Resources
Resource Type Example Effectiveness
How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer (YOU ARE HERE) 5/5
WiKi Personal Injury Lawyer WiKi 5/5
No Win No Fee No Win No Fee Personal Injury Lawyer (Or Wiki) 5/5
Consultation Personal Injury Consultation 4.5/5

Note: Mix and Match also works here, IE: “No Win No Fee Wiki” + [personal Injury Lawyer].  Not to “brag” but is a one of a kind search engine, a one stop shop to find a personal injury lawyer to suit your needs as well as get great information.


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