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Either you are a student in law school or just want to be better educated in the legal field, we have a wide variety of e-books to help you!  They range anywhere between $5 and $197.  The following ebooks have not been created by and are not supported by PILFr.org and if you need any support with the book, make sure you contact the creator as we are just the "middleman".  For all book purchases, we donate $1 to a charity around christmas time.  The winning charity will be determined by a POLL in mid December of each year.  There must be at least 10 books sold from our library as the transaction fees would take most of the money.  We do recommend the books so please feel free to view the pages of each e-book for further details.


On Your Own Tax Court, USA Tax Court without a Lawyer

Guide to conducting a case in Tax Court without a lawyer. Step-by-step instructions. Covers pre-trial and trial practice, motions, research and legal writing, court rules, evidence, and more. Linked to rules and cases. Appendix with sample docs. 8×10 260 pages.
Price: $19.95 USD



Law School

How to Become a Lawyer …without setting foot in a law school!  What lawyers don't want you to know.  A great guide to help you on your way to legal fees freedom.
Price: $27 USD



Lawyers Dirty Little Secrets

If You Have Been Sued Or Know That You Are About To Be Sued, This eBook Tells You In Simple English How To Defend Yourself Against A Civil Lawsuit as Well As Learn About the Resources and the Laws In Your State And Their Practical Effect On Your Case.
Price: $87 USD

How To Incorporate Yourself For Free

How to form a corporation without paying a dime in lawyer fees.  Incorporating is a MUST if you run any type of business in which you run the risk of getting sued; A corporation protects your personal assets as it is a separate entity, a "non-living" person to to say.  A corporation will take the hit if you were to be found guilty in a court of law.  In other wors, the company has to pay for damages, not you!!  (Unless you were criminally negligent)

Price: $47 USD



How To Maximize Your Child Support

Easy to read, step-by-step beginner's guide by experienced family law attorney shows you how to get all of the child support you're legally entitled to, even if you can't afford a lawyer.
Price: $17 USD

Simple K1 Visa Guide

Great product in regards to Immigration Law. This guide is an easy read, with detailed instructions. It was created by an actual immigration lawyer, it is the best guide in its class and saves couples thousands (or more) in legal fees. Innovative and rare product in high demand; Get in while you can!!
Price: $197 USD

Make Money Buying Debt

The Complete Guide to Buying Debt provides everything a non-lawyer needs to know to make money buying debt.  Perhaps the oddest way t make money, this guide shows you the ins and outs of buying debt for profit!!
Price: $12 USD

Legally Save Thousands On Your Divorce

Legally Save Massive Amounts Of Money On Your Divorce.  Some say divorce is expensive because it's worth it.  Doesn't have to be THAT expensive.  A great guide that can potentially save you thousands!
Price: $97 USD

Speeding Ticket Secrets

Insider Tips, Tricks and Strategies to Beat Speeding Tickets! — Over 100,000 Get a Speeding Ticket Everyday.
Price : $29 USD

Dui Process, Clear Your Drunk Driving Record

Information On How To Clear Your Dui/dwi Conviction Record. 
Price: $97 USD

Car Accident Help Book

Proven techniques for those involved in car accidents to deal with insurance company adjusters to get the most value for their damaged vehicle, recover lost rental fees, how to mitigate damages, ect…
Price: $12.95 USD

Prenuptial Agreement Form

Prenuptial Agreement forms for all states.  If they won't sign it, don't go forward.  Protect the assets you worked so hard for and avoid grifters who just want your money and assets.
Price: $29.99 USD (State Specific)

We add more resources on a regular basis.  Looking for something you don't see here?  Use the CONTACT form to send us your request and we will find what you seek and add it to this page.  Thank you for doing business with us!

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