Feeling down?  Legally Laugh!

Well, sometimes, you just have to laugh about legal matters.  However, the courtroom is a serious place but this comes down to our statement in our GUIDE on the courtroom being this age's Gladiator Areana.  Here are some clips, which hopefully, will bring a bit of humor nd make you laugh a bit.  Most of those clips are from our favorite "TV Judge", Judge Judy!  Feel down?  You have to see those clips…  PILFr.org, The Lawyer's Search Engine PROUDLY PRESENTS!!

TVJudges! 😀



^^What NOT to say to a Judge!!  😮  Lucky he's not in jail…


^^ Why NOT to hire law student or inexperienced lawyers… 

(We watched the whole case on TV, the defendant WON)



^^Note to Self: Never Hire This Guy!!



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